Part 1 SW Machine
            Global Business
Part 2 SWM-based
            Products & Services
Part 3 SW Machine
            Market Analysis
Part 4 SW Machine
            Marketing Strategy
Part 5 SW Machine
            Investment Plan
Part 4 SW Machine Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy & Models for Korea - 1
  Advertisement for B2C
Free Service of WM Grammar
Checker for Major Portals
  B2C On-Line Service
B2C Pay-Service Business at
  B2B Marketing
Building up Software Dealer
Network + Column
  B2B Company Service
B2B Pay-Service for Company by
ASP (Application Service Provider)
  1 - From June, TG's Mr. Yeom is writing a column in The Weekly Hankyeong Business.
Marketing Strategy & Models for Korea - 2
  for School / Institute
Franchise Marketing /
Special Dealer for Univ.
  B2B Package Service
Correction & Evaluation
System by ASP
  Marketing for Mobile
Marketing for Mobile Device
Makers & Major Portals
  B2C + B2B Mobile Service
Bundle Providing +
Contents Providing
  1 - Sample Testing at / will take the role of Special Dealer for Univ.
Marketing Schedule for Korea
Development Status
Model A
Under Final Debugging
From April
Affiliations with Major
Portals are necessary.
Model B
Under Final Debugging
From Jan
Building up Dealer
Network is necessary
Model C
Under Developing
From June
Affiliations with Major
Franchises are necessary.
Model D
Under Planning
Not Decided
After making contract
with Japanese Partner
Marketing Strategy & Models for Global Business
  Marketing by Country
Making Contract with Strong
Exclusive Partner
  Sales by Country
Royalty in B2B & B2C +
Customization Fee
  Investment by Partners
Reserving Funds for
Development & IPO
  IPO & Globalization
Safe & Strong Foundation
for Global Business
  1 - Continuous Investment from Foreign Partners is highly valued in Koran Stock Market.
Marketing Schedule for Global Business
Under Negotiation
From Jan ~
The 2nd Official Meeting is
scheduled on 27th of Sept.
China & Asia
Under Planning & Searching
From April ~
After Finishing the Final
Debugging Work
Mid-East / Europe
Under Planning & Searching
From May ~
After Finishing the Final
Debugging Work
Latin America
Under Planning & Searching
From 2009 ~
After Building up
Spanish Version